Kiteboarding Lessons & Classes

We specialize in teaching beginner to intermediate students looking to become kiteboarders!

Kiteboarding Lessons are essential to safely become a kiteboarder. Kiteboarding lessons are fun and informative. All students should start with the Intro Course and work their way into the Water Lessons.

Lessons Available

Kiteboarding is a very technical activity and requires proper training and instruction. Please understand that it takes time to master the flying of the kite before it can be combined with a board. The sport is comparable to scuba diving or sky diving and Instructions/Lessons should be obtained through Certified Professionals. Everyone learns at different rates, so the number of lessons required to become self-sufficient varies greatly per person.


The easiest way to learn hydrofoiling

Hydrofoil Lessons

$150 per hour

Hydrofoil Lessons utilize Jetskis to teach you how to foil. This is the easiest way to learn. We utilize a paddleboard with a larger size wing. We have various boards and wings to maximize your learning potential. This is a great for step for learning to foil surf, wake foil, windsurf foil or kite foil.

Foil Lesson, Hydrofoil, surf foill

The easiest way to learn hydrofoiling

E-foil Lessons

$350 for 1.5 hour

This is something anyone can learn with the proper instruction! No foiling, surfing, kiteboarding or other board sport background required (although they help). Efoil Lessons run about 1.5 hour long and cost is $350.00. About 1 hour of this time is riding the board. These lesson/demos are one-on-one with a qualified instructor. We are authorize Lift Affiliate so let us help you order your very own E-foil today! We carry all the Lift Accessories including wings, masts, boards, controllers, batteries and spare parts.


The first step to becoming a kiteboarder

Intro Course

$275 for up to two students.

Add a 2nd person for only $25.

3 or more for $125 each

Kiteboarders start here. The Intro Course ranges about 3 hours. In this lesson, you learn all the safety, terminology and setup involved with kiteboarding. You will learn the basics of kite flying with a full size inflatable kite. This lesson is the foundation for a successful progression within the sport.

Kiteboarding Lesson

Work on any aspect of your riding!

Water Lessons

$125/hour for one student.
$70/hour each for 2 students.

Students who have already taken the Intro Course or have prior experience are offered Water Lessons with watercraft support. Learn at your pace. We teach in the flat shallow water of Banana River Lagoon. Take your first ride on the board, learn to go upwind or work on jumps! Here you can work on any aspect of your riding.

Kiteboarding Class, kite Course

Combo Lesson

$475 for 5 hours

If you are serious and ready to learn, this is the package for you! Payment required upfront for the Combo Package to lock in the discount. No refunds will be given once the Combo Course is booked. This class can be done all in one day (weather and schedule permitted) or over multiple days. This is the best option to start the path of becoming a kiteboarder!

Boat support or gear rental!

Kite Week

$750 for Eight (8) Hours of Lessons

Intro Lesson (3 Hours) and Five (5) Additional Hours of Water Time!

If you are serious and ready to learn, this is the package for you! Payment required upfront for the Kite Week Package to lock in the discount. No refunds will be given once the package is booked. This class can be done over multiple days. Great for locals or those in town for a long time. This is the best option to start the path of becoming a kiteboarder!

Boat support or gear rental!


$100 for up to Two (2) Hours

$50 an hour after the initial two hours

Need someone to keep an eye on you? Looking to rent (hire) equipment? First time in the ocean? With Supervision, we will take you back upwind if you get stuck. Or we will loan you equipment while we work with other lessons. We can take you on that first ocean downwinder or show you the area. This is for experienced kiteboarders only who can already ride comfortably in both directions and stay upwind.

520 Slick Kiteboarding, Kite Lessons Cocoa beac

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We specialize in teaching beginners who are interested in exploring the amazing activity of Kiteboarding (aka Kitesurfing, Kiting). Lessons are available for all levels and ages. With our experienced instructors you will learn the safest and easiest way possible. Our goal is to have you up and kiteboarding on your own as soon as possible. We have multiple training locations available to us which include a large indoor classroom faciltity, the “520 Slick” and our fully stocked Pro-Shop. Experience a kiteboarding lesson for yourself. Learning to fly the kite along with safety procedures are the most important aspects of becoming a kiteboarder. These aspects are the focus in any first kiteboarding lesson. If you have no power kite experience, we suggest starting with the Intro Course. This creates the foundation for the rest of your learning process. Once this lessons has been taken and the kite flying skills are learned, you will tune them while learning to handle a board at the same time. We offer the water lessons at an hourly rate (one hour minimum) to taylor to your needs and stamina. Water lessons utilize water-craft support to really accelerate the process while adding an extra level of safety. Students can come back for as many water lessons as they would like until they are comfortable and ready to practice on their own. Equipment is provided during the lessons. Students will need their own wetsuits (if needed) and water-shoes (booties). Lessons are setup by appointment and are considered private unless you bring a group. Feel free to call or email us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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